thesis writing

a little bit every day has been my motto when it comes to writing. it works a lot better than waking up and saying to myself, tomorrow will be the day i write lots. and repeat.

on another note, healing is a real thing. i don’t know why i find this so surprising. but when i go over old wounds i feel nothing, absolutely nothing. almost inconceivable how past hurt could have felt so deep and so lasting, too — but God fills every crevice. seamless. what a treat. lesson learned: let the scab alone, it knows better than i do.

a complete stranger, but also a best friend.

i was made for God, even when i did not know Him and was His enemy.

life is reading the lines of a play — a masterpiece — for the first time. i don’t know what’s coming but i know it is Very Good. so proceed with as much feeling and courage as you can muster.


i am so delighted by how conversations and encounters unfold spontaneously, organically
but it’s not passive either: one must be open, one must have a bigger vision

performance pressure make it about me, it contracts the heart, narrows the view

want open fields, open sky, no right to demand it but it’s been given so it’s foolish not to take



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