equilibrium is a word mom gave me when i called last night. i’ve been thrown off and things are a bit wonky but i can be sure that He will restore balance eventually. word from pastor: pursue wisdom. she cries out on the streets!

other words are: upheaval, transition, overwhelmed, peace, enjoy. feeling guilty for enjoying is a symptom of me feeling like i earn righteousness by hanging my head / gritting my teeth / ‘suffering’

i feel so much peace!

truly truly organic. letting You have control is fun. You bring the unexpected every single day and b/c i know each person/convo/encounter/situation is from You i also know that You’ve equipped me. ephesians- prepared beforehand good works for me to walk in. SO BEAUTIFUL.

just this week alone. people arriving at doorstep. emails out of the blue. reconnecting.

watch out for extreme self-centeredness creeping in

grieving-rejoicing. knowing the world but knowing the world-healer… both equally important.

sun on my face. cannot handle. it’s like my body can’t contain the sheer promise/joy/goodness of God. wrinkle and crackle. RESURRECTION BODY? haha

still struggling w sleep but rested spirit.


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