I missed February

For reference though I’m making a concerted effort to be more disciplined about small things. This has been attempted about 2000 times before – never with much success – but I’m willing to keep trying. This means

  • Drinking more water (even when i just want to finish what i’m doing)
  • Exercising ~3x a week
  • Prioritizing ‘set apart’ time (30-60mins) every day to soak in word/prayer
  • Reading fiction & poetry
  • Writing down whenever I tell someone I will pray for them…and then doing it
  • No throwing clothes on the floor
  • No mindless & unintentional entertainment/social media – go memorize word or talk to people! For me this is mostly foodblogs & youtube food channels
  • Saying STOP to work-thoughts & worries when i’m not officially working
  • No drinking coffee merely out of habit/boredom that’s silly

I know i know most of it sounds so bland, but i think I’m coming back to a lot of these resolutions with a renewed sense of why they’re important for life and dignity…less concerned with being a certain kind of person (lifestyle design) and more interested in how to invite healthy disciplines into my life so that i can train for godliness. am thoroughly convinced that how i treat my body and channel my focus/attention throughout the day has everything to do with worshipping God. these are reflections of the huge luxuries i have in my life – having clean water, technology, community. if i do not learn to steward them and subordinate them to a love of Christ, they will ruin me.


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