living in a city – occupying its space, breathing in its dust, eating its produce – is a pretty new experience. the past four years were different, because i was absorbed in a college bubble (and i don’t think that’s necessarily wrong or avoidable). but here i feel as if i am no longer permitted to be indifferent. i’m sitting outside wholefoods on a bench trying to figure out the bike route with the least hills and a man sits down opposite me: “i will join you.” his phone rings and he answers in german. being on the road, being harassed on the road, showing grace, being an interruption. SOOOO MANY PEOPLE…the UPS man, the mail man, neighbors & housemates, kimchi lady, banana lady, bike shop man, walgreens man..and He has them ALL in mind, so crazy.

so much incongruence. so much tragedy..walking past a man shaking uncontrollably on the floor, waiting for an ambulance. so much beauty! the sunset over the bay bridge isn’t mine… i don’t mind sharing it. GORGEOUS.

everything is a rental
but while i have this space & this time here, may i not waste it!


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