i’m back (in the very same seat in the very same cafe)
and i’m not the same


here’s a little incident from today that probably sums up my life right now–i was at IKEA buying furniture (WHAT) for my new home (WHAT) in a familiarstrange city (WHAT) this afternoon, and as i was walking back to the car (WHAT) i congratulated myself on not getting lost or forgetting where i’d parked. maybe, i thought, this is me actually growing up and learning to graciously accommodate the gazillion particles of new detail that every single day brings. and then i thought about my very unexciting purchase, pillows and clothes racks and stuff, and then i realized i’d left all my shopping in the women’s restroom…SIGH. but it’s okay.

out of 20 conversations that i am eavesdropping right now,
19 are about startups/bitcoins/fiber/algorithms
and then this girl on my left says: “I used to pretend i was winnie the pooh”

convictions/commitments–phil2. john 6. 1cor 15. 2cor5. 中文。think of a friend every day.

reading: isaiah, john in chinese (ok, 约翰福音), acts, random NT letters (finished 2thess). 1kings.

so much to unpack, but now im happy praising. may my rest be communal-inviting others to rest with me. nothing left to prove.

the certainty of God’s glory
the humility – emptying humility – of Jesus
the definition of community: not us, but Him
the base line: we were enemies. a new way to read the Psalms. now adopted! !!!

real love is learning love languages that are foreign (maybe they are my hate language) for the sake of encouraging and serving my brother or my sister


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