on sunday we were Late To Church and so we sat at the back and woah the view is so different because all the infants are staring back with wide eyes, held in mothers’ arms

there was a girl in front of me and we played the staring game (with headtilt) for most of praise and her mom spent the whole time trying to get her shoe on…without success, but All Must Be Well with or without shoes

so precious

feeling like a wide-eyed little girl these days. WOAH I GET TO DO THIS? AND THAT? wowwwwwwwwwwwww. fighting Big Graduation Talk and Listen To My Grownup Plans Talk (+ the reality of just having transferred a security deposit for my first young-adult-life home; the reality of lying in bed and enjoying a view of USPS packing boxes at my feet; the reality of work authorization and deep kitchen cleaning and and and…) with playground-time, children’sbooks-time, enjoying-presence-time. hot chocolate time.

okay okay chill breathe. He is good. optimism is a stranger in these quarters, but hopefully not for long


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