sitting here in the lab tinkering with ideas and watching them blow up hah. i’m going to miss this feeling – God’s playground indeed. the world of thought (and this is just human thought) is so fantastically rich. and yet only a sliver.

and yet


1 cor 2 we have the mind of Christ/!?!?!??!

being forced to work in shared space makes me see how intolerant i am, how unkind, how selfish

detritus of the heart

this afternoon’s encounter has left me overwhelmed with gratitude, humbled by my blindness, confident that He will continue to make my paths straight.

i want to stop seeing differences and friction. i want to forgive, and stop being angry, and learn to wish everyone well instead of needing to deflate them + puff myself up

thought to dwell on more when next thursday has passed–spent the afternoon reading about wholeness&forms and it is so fascinating that ever since Aristotle (well, probably before, but his name starts with A which gives a phonetic-chronological fauxlegitimacy to whatever i am attempting to say…i recently learned that this is called rhetorizing and that i need to stop doing it), literary theorists (or theorists of any sort) have been unable to escape the notion of the whole. most notably when trying to escape it. the craving is just so strong & everything we try to do — include, break, fracture, dissolve, impose — is necessarily premised on the notion of totality or unity.

well well well.

ministry of reconciliation, anybuddy??????


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