lying prostrate on prayermat yesterday just thinking of what has happened in the past seven days…..SO MUCH. SO MUCH. it’s incredible.

learning. heartsoftening. sometimes you need to see a face. pride and self-righteousness undone.

glory = holiness gone public. psalm 96-worship should seize your whole being! outside inside everyside- fear&trembling but exploding praise.

You fill my day with meaning, because You compel me to worship with all that i do.

pry my fingers loose.. i am clutching, grasping. holding this community too tight. lesson of junior fall- this leads to strangulation and nothing good.

a little while a little while. pain & sorrow & crying quietly in bed is but for a little while. joy is bigger and stronger and will FLOOD the nations. give me more vision. forgive me my apathy. my squinty eyes.

but also learning when to de-intensify…sometimes the afternoon just calls for you to stir a pot of soup. have twenty conversations about the weather. i think i should not be above small talk or frustrated with having to explain my (convoluted) story, it is in fact a privilege. how does God not tire of telling us who He is, and who we are? i feel bad for forgetting a name…how often do i forget His? and yet incredible patience and grace and mercy.



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