potholder love

so blessed by a potholder. You leave us crumbs so that we can find our way to the people who help us best. find our way home.

paradox living — SOOOOO much to do and impossible number of people / deadlines to meet but I am so at ease, so calm, so confident that He will provide the means if my heart is faithful, trusting and obedient. weird, but I’ll take it.

listening to my very gifted peers speak today. all talking about such different things but I think I could hear the same question being whispered from within all of us — who am I?

I am guilty of judging. especially in tech…it’s easy to feel the moral imperative to “call people out” for their greed, materialism, arrogance, etc etc but Love doesn’t do that. love looks deeper, looks under, and asks gently why? our hearts are built the same. built for the infinite, and the infinitely Good. my variation of the frustrated and unfulfilled heart might be more palatable than yours. but it’s THE SAME. ish.

potholder. try it. leave a potholder in someone’s room. give them a reason to invade your space, to ask you questions and really listen to their answers.


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