to the strong girl who lives down the hall–

dear heart don’t cry. last night i beheld the image of who you are becoming. this new tenderness, this new wisdom, it fits you so beautifully. i myself am trying not to cry because through you i remember that not all change must be frightening – the change that Love has made in you is so good, and so natural. it is a sure movement towards the His own image reflected in you.

God has let me hold your hand this year, and i suppose the time has come to let it go. that’s Ok. you know where to find me, most times. you will always know where to find Him.

when you come back we must catch up. i will let you have all the rich tea biscuits. you will inadvertently repeat everything i say and we will both be wonderfully lost in the praise of our savior. dear heart don’t cry, Jesus is waiting to show us so much more. He is love. He is our shepherd. say it with me: He has made everything beautiful in its time.


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