grace & discipleship

so many conversations (& situations, & promptings, & readings) of late have encouraged me to think about the relationship between grace and discipleship. i have such an impoverished understanding of both terms! for example- grace is the thing i clutch at when i’ve hit rock bottom and run out of steam; discipleship is a stiff & constraining yoke, something altogether unpleasant that shuts down all my frivolity.

there is no summary point here, or a this is what it really means! moment, but it’s been very instrumental and difficult and exciting to think about.

even today’s reading on titus 2 surfaced this- for the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all men TRAINING us to renounce ungodliness etc. grace can train us! it isn’t just the ‘soft’ and justification-y bit. it’s the sanctification-y bit, too.

being alive to Christ means you feel the pin prick. it means feeling pain disgust grief at sin, and then a flood of hope joy and gratitude at the gospel. if not you may be what B calls a spiritual corpse.

two months in i am still adjusting to senior year and to college (lol) but getting there i hope and even if not………..well. WELL. never really home, but always sent, always purposeful (i am describing an ideal state, not the present state).

another thing i am learning is that God disrupts my status quo in His great great GREAT MERCY.

and i have run out of ways to procrastinate the writing of this bizarre macbeth paper


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