a grateful post

praying with H two nights ago i think we both felt how poorly we have done in remembering to be grateful. how far He has brought us! it’s hilarious to think of this time in the semester two years ago (stuck at commons doing 240 homework at 2am. JK). i mean living in a perpetually anxious sleepless state. this gets boring and yawnsome even to me since it has been the ugly recurrent drone of the past few years but when you are living your life instead of evaluating it for newsworthiness it is horrible and crippling and gets more potent, more deathly, more deeply-set with time. you don’t really become desensitized to experiencing your own bondage.

so grateful for sunny Friday full of rich talk silly talk serious talk. so grateful for skype haha. for my church and my pastors, for my coat and boots, for our kitchen which is bursting and can probably feed fifty boys for a week. for mornings spent in scripture, nights huddled in prayer.

my bike died today.

for the joy of watching the corn pop.

deep down there is peace. and the magnificent thing is i only have more and more of Life to discover every day. i will never fear running out or exhausting this curriculum.

:] so yeah. TODAY I GIVE THANKS.


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