So much blessing I don’t know what to say. And the nature of it so random that we cannot possibly give ourselves any credit. Ecclesiastes says that the idea of enjoyment without God is absurd (3:25), and I like that ‘enjoyment’ is not an emotional state that is disconnected from its source (like ‘happiness’), but remains very much rooted in its verb, ‘enjoy’. And the process of enjoying something emphasizes a relationship between yourself and the source of delight, a right and proper way of seeing and relating to it. In the context of truth, as we learned about last night.

I think this is what reassures me in this season (which is an impossibly happy and fulfilled and joyful season) when I become skeptical about whether this is going to ‘last’ or whether it is ‘fake’. The reassurance comes from the fact that even though I am enjoying my work (yes!!), my friends and my community and my leisure time, it is anchored in the totally unchanging goodness of God. God’s goodness will always remain with me, though its form may vary — and so now there is nothing better to do than to enjoy, be thankful and sing loud praise.


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