ekklesia sharing last night was on sending-out of the seventy-two, the two welcomes: the townspeople welcome the apostles into their homes; the apostles welcome the townspeople into the kingdom of God, which has now come near. i am very comforted and refreshed by this!

this year i want to achieve more composure, a greater sense of measuredness as i go about my day. so far this has gone well. laughter has helped. learning from friends who seem more at peace with themselves. drinking deep of the peace-river which has been purchased for me. hopefully an abiding sense of restedness and joy will carry far and be a wandering welcome to people in farther corners.

this year i also want to learn how to do one thing at a time. there is a terrible itch in me that always compels me to do everything but the one thing i am trying to do. one little strange that has helped is entering presentation mode in chrome so i cannot see the flashing title bars of other tabs. also permitting myself to acknowledge thoughts as they occur to me (such as OH WOW I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO PRINT MY HOMEWORK FOR TOMORROW) but to hold off dealing with them if possible, and to write them on a to-do list instead. it is disturbing how incapable i am of focus, and this isn’t even about being a better person, i just think it is related to feeling fractured and unaccomplished at the end of a long and busy day.

i am happy and really thankful for “fellowship”, not necessarily in the explicitly-do-Christian-things-together type of way, but for opportunities to spend meaningful time with people, enjoying our shared “fellow”-ness: making laughter and music and jokes in our PJs. this is precious. God is so so good.


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