It’s been a season of waiting. Somehow the concept of delayed gratification doesn’t really make for a satisfying explanation of why we have to wait. You can get what you sort-of want now or what you really truly want later. But what if I’ve changed my mind by then? What if I change my mind after getting that thing I supposedly really truly want? Worse, what if it never comes!? Then you wait for the next thing. But I wasted all that time! You had to go through the process to figure it out. Self discovery points++++. Oh.

In French the verb to wait is attendre, which can also mean “to expect”. I think having an eager certainty of whatever outcome you are waiting for makes all the difference. Who wants to be stuck behind a yellow light that never turns green? But the kind of hopeful waiting that is conscious of a clear end goal — or anticipation — takes faith, and it’s easier to be all let’s go with the flow or we’ll wait and see, because who wants to be the loser with the crushed expectations and foolish daydreams?

I’m not saying we should psych ourselves into believing things in order to make them happen. No need to stand in front of the mirror and peptalk — I will get that job! I will I will I will! But there are certain things we can wait for and hope for with absolute certainty and eagerness. See here, here, here. And then the season of waiting becomes so much more than just texting while standing in line. The outcome is sweeter because of the wait. We are more prepared to receive it, more alert to its worth because of the time spent pondering it.

I don’t know what the outcomes I’m waiting for are going to look like or when they’re going to show up. But I’m promised that they will be good, and good for me. Most of all my heart longs and waits for righteousness to come. And if that sounds stuffy, all I really mean is the opposite of everything heart breaking we’ve see in the news these past few weeks.

Ps 130:5 is a gem: I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. 🙂


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