meet frivolous reason #1 not to go grad school & live off stipends. very stumbled. from here.

so much food for thought from yesterday’s lunch & post-lunch convo (thank you H <3). i love how we grow in the same ways in such different/distant environments – what grace that we’ve enjoyed eight years of “silliness/sensibility” happily mishmashed together :] we were talking about the Goodness of work and what that means in the context of academic study, especially in linguistic/literary fields, and in teaching. we concluded that there is certainly great aesthetic value (appreciating craft and beauty and art) and great practical value (clear reading, clear thinking, clear articulation) in teaching and learning literature. but there is something else i can’t put my finger on, something native to the art of storytelling & wordweaving that is pure human, pure good, and full of dignity. something to do with logos and the word and it becoming flesh. this bears thinking about.

paying a surprise visit to the good women who formed & shaped me (in all ways) from the ages of fourteen to sixteen was hilarious and delightful, the residual smile on my face has lasted a good twenty hours and will take a while to fade. both H & i were fairly aghast to learn the precise nature of the ‘legacies’ we left — she, tardiness and sleepiness; i, grubbiness and noisiness and clogging the bathroom in a hotel room one night in michigan seven years ago. they also asked with genuine concern why i seemed so ‘subdued’. we owe much to them, no doubt.


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