excuse me

while in transit yesterday i heard someone say “excoojjemy” without trying to and almost collapsed from laughing (almost being key, because that would have been embarrassing and cruel, and i am in denial about being either of those).

last week i found myself having to explain what it means for us to believe we are in between a state of fallenness & restoration without being able to resort to one of those adequatelyknowledgeablesounding phrases of choice (e.g. already-but-not-yet). in between. it is terribly profound and difficult to understand. and therefore surely worth thinking about. what does it mean that we speak both languages and feel a pressing need to obey the directives of both worlds? and what are we supposed to do — snap? compromise? give up altogether? probably not. (i don’t know the answer. i also don’t know how this relates to excoojjemy or how to even spell excoojjemy.)


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