for one last stumbling time

biking home along bay trail.

Today T brought his sister-in-law and niece into the office. I am so grateful to have had T as my desk buddy, grateful for the openness with which we have discussed education, social media, funerals, weddings, family life, work life, languages, etc when either of us got tired of coding (um, often). Super grateful for the kindness that I have received from older people here, like J who tricked me into having a mock interview with him yesterday because he probably figured my avoidance stemmed from fear of failure. Even my two interviewers today were humble and cheerful and amazingly human – I daresay I enjoyed myself! – so I really do think there is something special about the air here. I don’t see this summer as a stepping stone any more, because it has been a full blessing in its own right. In other words I can truly value it for what it has been and not just where it might get me. I scrolled through my log file today (a ginormous collection of notes and snippets I’ve been keeping since the start of summer) and am quite amused by how wrong I was about some things, and quite proud of how much I have learned. It has been good. Very good.

So God is weaver. And I am learning to depend, to let myself be woven and not to bristle at the slightest friction.



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