some a little less less thought thing

Talked to a girl last week and her humility and warmth really stuck out. Great refreshment!

Was sitting in the sun today eating watermelon and trying to look anonymous when a familiarly tall figure hunched and hooded popped out of nowhere… scary stuff, but overall a pleasant surprise (:

A weird habit I have developed: repeating snippets of conversation to myself out loud after they happen as a way of thinking about what they meant / how they went.

This has ended up being thoughtless after all. But what I really wanted to say (and remember for my future self) is that I think I’m thriving here, this summer. It’s a weird and foreign feeling. The lines have fallen in pleasant places for sure. Getting to know what works/doesn’t work, what is tolerable/dangerous. Finding a good balance between comfort and discomfort. Less kneejerk, less extreme.

Still holding tight as humanly possible to everything I believe in. But maybe the most honest and the most compelling way to externalize that is gently, quietly….



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