i am silly

yes yes yes so silly, did so many silly things this week that cost time and money and caused deep, complete annoyance at self, but it is good and humbling. 


so many reasons to be full & grateful. this summer has been characterized by a stream of blessings and graces and pleasant surprises, each beautifully timed and fragrant in ways i never thought possible. quite literally arriving at my door one after the other.

i have learned sooooooooo much about this other world and enjoyed lots and lots of conversations with people in completely different life stages from completely different backgrounds. and i have come to see how narrow my view of the world and of God is – for the longest time i felt like faith could only be properly exercised in a perfectly calibrated environment conforming to some bizarre offshoot of my imagination. BUT to he (or she) who is armed with secret of contentment there is this wonderful reckless freedom to enjoy God and to show Him off absolutely anywhere. this is something i really took to heart from Sunday. be filled with Him and emptied of me and as j.o. (jamie oliver) might say, HAPPY DAYS.

of course my eyes are open to all the things that are wrong and i am walking away with a deeper understanding of just how real the fight is. the current strong and we are elbow deep or shoulder deep or something to that effect. but there is every reason to hope hope hope on the side of light and life and redemption!

this house has a kettle which doesn’t know how to stop itself when the water has boiled and a toilet bowl that takes a lot of coaxing to STOP FLUSHING. classic human behavior though, doing all the right things but don’t know when to STAPPPP.

to Z: i saw the full moon too & thought of you half way across the world teehee ok /mushy but moooooooon


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