at age ten my chinese teacher told my mother that i 1. needed to work on my language skillz & that i 2. saw the world in blacks and whites. i sheepishly acknowledged the first comment and resisted the second. but more than ten years on i am still haunted by her judgment of my character, and will readily admit that she was actually quite right.

learning to be OK with spontaneity!

wondering how to negotiate friendships that are comfortable vs friendships that are close does it even matter

greeting performance anxiety like a friend from long ago. we’ve both moved on. but we walked closely for a long time ha. BYE ANXIETY HI PRAYER

reading a lot of passages about God’s judgment (the day of the Lord etc) and people hiding and shaking and trembling. healthy reminder who He is, who i am, and what it means that He loves me as He does!

trying to make sense of ‘hack’ culture, why it makes me feel so weird and repulsed

unpacking a lot of wrong assumptions about the fruitful, productive and praise-giving way to do my work. critical bystander vs freed & rescued drunk-on-grace lalalaladingdong hahahaha


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