Working on that flip flop tan.

Also, found phenomenal coffee in a running store. Odd, but don’t question it.

Mostly really really tired but thankful for conversations I had this week. Both the ones that are effortlessly honest & are built on months of sharing life together and the ones that are fresh and stiff and slightly awkward. Newly-minted. And the in between 🙂 And the trolls. Friends are like clothes. Clothes are like friends?

Tiredness also comes from super-intense dreams.

It’s easy to be happy here. It’s also easy to be sad, I guess. It’s superduper easy to feel like your happiness slash sadness is the most important thing in the world.

Been listening my way through old school music. Try “hillsong old school” as a youtube search haha.

I think about 75% of the reason I feel much calmer after biking has to do with not being on a mobile device. The rest might be muscle exhaustion. I dunno.



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