dishwashing thoughts

most things are either too good to be true or too true to be good, but God is both wahhahaha

hilarious luncheon today. it’s very important to be silly. talking about ddr in chinese is strictly nonstandard.

been thinking a lot about money, the guilt + fear i associate with it. about giving and why and how. been feeling the associated pain and unexpected joy. the more i think the more i realize that this is much more than just what you do with your paycheck – it has everything to do with your heart and how you measure worth and what cost do you count. perhaps rather obvious but when it’s you and when it’s your money and your stuff it hits home. where does your money go? this is what you value / what you worship / who you are.

but also the danger of total trivialization – it can become a convenient guilt-zapper (like bugspray) or worse a yardstick you hold up against other people. which is demeaning at best, but both are so easy to do… what is genuine then? a whole lot more difficult than a few credos and a bunch of guidelines (though i love me some guidelines) – i suppose the long & short is to “seek ye first the kingdom..”. to have a heart that knows, feels and declares the worth and weight of God.


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