about home
fingering furniture i used to knock my shin-bones against
inadvertently running into people i half-know
a constellation of favorites

necessary awkwardness tempered with grace and humor
friendships so thick and deep and knotted that forever is a matter of fact


also, daydreaming about the school year, fourth and final
i am perhaps not found but a little less lost
(yes that was a brooke fraser reference)
i daresay i have found my feet – not that i know where to go
but You are moving in me and i am walking with You

daydreaming (if i dare) about the fog beyond the fog
doing something energizing and absorbing and real
but also with restful awareness that It Is Finished

not being sucked dry, drinking in grace
LIKE AN AVALANCHE (also known to some circles as ~laa~
end of inside joke)

life feels like a big inside joke sometimes, a fantastic cosmic aha
but we are the only ones to blame for our dullness


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