Shaken by something that happened today. Really good reminder that there are some things you simply don’t trifle with, and that only fools reject good sense (so that’s what the Proverbs mean). I am in one piece and very grateful.

Meanwhile the fifty day countdown to H-O-M-E has begun and I’ve been celebrating remotely with PCK & burpple. Was talking to a coworker today about whether he goes home for dinner, and he said nah it started becoming too inconvenient and over the years the family has fallen into a habit of eating separately. I’ve had my share of tense dinners, silent dinners, angry dinners but growing up it was always dinner together. At least that was the rule until I started to stay absurdly late in school on a regular basis (aka the era of McDonalds delivery – nuggets and oreo mcflurries every. single. day. which is probably why I have not eaten at McDonalds for almost five years). & quite often, staying late turned into a sleepover. Looking back I’m astonished at the grace my parents showed me. They established firm rules but also sensed when I began to pull away, and when I was busy enriching my life and being ‘important’ (and absent) she cooked and he worked and they both prayed, and waited for the love they had planted to pull me back in.

Maybe it’s a little late for me to be feeling that tug now….everything’s backwards as usual d: but it’s all goooooooooooooooood.


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