special bike ride

On Sundays after church I go to the farmer’s market and buy as much produce as my (IT IS NOT HIPSTER) backpack can handle. Today I got some beautiful baby leeks, patty pan squash, beets, carrots, mangoes, avocado, bok choy, purple baby kale and a bag of the best rice in the world (aside: really really. I almost-finished a twenty pound bag in four months). Anyway I was biking back very, very slowly and singing this song over & over (chorus only, since I can never remember the verse), and suddenly the presence of God was so thick and real it was incredible. You are constant, You are faithful, and You are only good. I must have looked and sounded like a madwoman (thankfully I was wearing shades so nobody could see me tearing up in the middle of the road – as if I weren’t already the world’s most negligent biker). But wow. Wow. The spirit of God moves as and when He pleases, and some days I feel shriveled and hardened, so I want to remember moments like these for moments like those. There is a parable for that odd self-induced parched state of being — sometimes when I am so focussed on working or coding or writing (or slacking off) I refuse to answer my body’s desperate cues of thirst. Tuning into the wrong reality. ANYWAY.


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