Colossians 1:27 says that Christ is in me, the hope of glory.
Psalm 3:3 says the Lord is a shield about me.
He has ascended and descended to a height and depth I cannot know.

Most incredible of all, He is with me. Along with all of the above.

Beware of ritualizing. Spending time worshipping God in prayer and reading is not reserved for sunny afternoons in cool cafes with floral notebooks. I love those things (believe me), but I love that my God is with me everywhere and always. When I am late and forget my access badge and am being yelled at by rude car drivers and get stuck in the cubicle with no toilet paper. When I am grumpy and lonely and suddenly dissatisfied with all that I have. Grace and gospel are words ideas maybe facts, and this morning as I biked to work something in my heart just screamed I need a friend, God, and I feel horribly distant from everyone I love. Evidently having it all / living the life / being endlessly pampered does not feed the soul.

I don’t know how it is that my heart can get so muddled – to believe that God is not a Friend enough – but He worked with me. He softened me and showed me that He is with me in the most perfect intimacy I can imagine. One day one day…


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