funny cos i wrote this on the train but it came up in a convo an hour later


what’s wrong with cynicism and irony in excess is you develop a habit of immediately seeing the mock-worthy, the base in everyone/every action. the scary thing is that there’s truth in sarcasm — it often hits a raw nerve (“BURNNN”). but it is only part of the truth because in everyone and in every action there is bad and good. your wanting to do something noble might be tainted with a desire for self-glory but there is a genuine desire to obey and be fruitful in there too. our duty should not be to isolate the bad and constantly call attention to it (though we should not be oblivious to it either), but our primary concern should be to nourish and grow the good

obviously sarcasm / trolling is fun and not always harmful but I think it’s worth guarding against letting it become our filter for life 

had a beautiful (beauty full) past two days. i forgot how nice it feels to eat with company – lunches are at a desk, dinners over a stove out of the pot. yeah you can do it with swag and witty hashtags. but the word company comes from the french compaignon which means to break bread together (i learned this in my Chaucer class of all places).. feasting is supposed to be a communal reminder of Bread that was broken for us, feasting is the earliest fellowship. youtube is unsurprisingly a poor substitute.

been mulling over Ephesians – just the first ten verses – and it really hit me that Christ is the great unifier. the glue, the very stickiest kind. things in heaven and things on earth. also, God’s plan is for the fullness of time. fullness-of-time, how does one go about thinking about that??? i am clearly operating on the wrong scale here.

aight 10pm bedtime


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