Hi summer


God, You are so sovereign in everything. You have shown me so, especially these past few weeks. In the face of enormous emotional and academic stress (and the compound stress of trying to cope with both) You have shown me that You are utterly reliable and kind.

There have been moments in the past eleven days where I have clammed shut and been physically unable to speak due to anger or sadness. But You never stop speaking good to me, and to us, even through one another. You have provided not only a way out of every impossible situation but a way that is far, far better.

Now I am in another city with my 49.8 pound luggage and I have already lost my $20 Bart ticket to the wind, missed the once-an-hour Caltrain, and re-scraped my never-healing ankle scar. I spent the afternoon sitting in a sketchy Chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere drinking tea while the owner snores. Listening to train singing about San Francisco on a train in San Francisco (sorry, couldn’t resist). Reading about a God who is redemptive and abundant. It is such a lovely privilege to be able to point at those words and say in my heart, Hey, that’s my God through and through! And to know that You will not stop doing this work in me and through me is my comfort even though I have no clue how this summer is going to turn out.


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