lest anyone (mostly me) be tempted to think that life is all hum and drum and dread.

some things i did this week that reminded me of how blessed i am–

– lug a huge bag of books from the library back home for research. i can get virtually any book/article i want either immediately or within a couple of days. how crazy is that?! think about it. anything that anyone has written in the academic world, i can get my hands on for free.

– write chaucer to music, i.e. be given encouragement and space to do something crazy and geeky and expressive.

– work on my homework, which is to produce an intelligent spam filter. how cool is that?

– cook for friends. God gave me my hands, some food, and some friends. i have a way to carve out space for fellowship. beautiful.

– design and create a font as a final project. what!

– call my mom. call home. i’m not nearly as thankful as i should be for the nest i’ll always have.

– visit the farmer’s market and gape at curry-colored cauliflower heads, the deep purple yams. enjoy morning coffee with good company.

– tumble with a big plonk into my queen-sized bed, nestle in nice-smelling sheets and read the most hilarious edition of The Great Gatsby ever (it’s the same text but has Chinese words and random-but-unfortunate misspellings such as ‘Catsby’). i highly recommend this. don’t worry if you don’t have the strange edition.

on that note, i am so thankful for language and books, and i wish i could sound clever about this but then again, maybe not. all i feel is great happiness and ‘humblesse’ — reading puts me in my proper place and dares me to realize how small i really am. it dares me to feel hopeful rather than anxious about that realization. this is not just healthy but crucial, i think.

all in all, i do know and feel that despite odd happenings and shakiness and the many things i plead from God to take away from me, it is well. as my favorite band says, the shadow proves the sunshine (:


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