because i am in a pensive writing mood

meeting e & y in the middle of nowhere on a sunday afternoon, i am always very amazed at the nature of appointment. you have people going about their separate lives, and then they make a very simple agreement to meet at a place at a time, and then there is beautiful laughter and fellowship and togetherness. it was very lovely and i felt like i was drinking light

this is a repeating one: being in the bathroom of a faraway cafe. fumbling for a light switch and being overwhelmed with the need to cry. acting on that need a feeling a little better and a lot like a crazy person

being that girl on her laptop grinning widely at the screen. sunday morning fb chat

riding on the way back home from dinner and being forcefully struck by truth and conviction and sorrow over my boo-boos. idk how to describe this now, didn’t know then either. i tried to write a poem about it i think but i dare not look at it

weekly calls with h

midmorning microkitchen conversations with t, me awkwardly knocking over bananas and he spilling his cereal & both trying to remedy the other. nothing changes from the classroom to the workplace

the first real talk i had with j over bok choy and oily rice, + the many more that followed. precious

biking and singing real loud ROCK OF AGES CLEFT FOR ME! with the biggest smile i know how to do

listening. not well but a bit better

curled up in a ball at the corner of a makeshift secondhand book store. moms tripping over me trying to get to the kids section. not knowing how to say this when confronted with the dreading monday-morning “so how was your weekend?” conversation entry-point

“singaporean” food with y very far from home

being visited & driven by the guys and receiving, receiving, receiving

hiking and the word = formidable pair



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