and believe your beliefs

Despite appearing as busy as ever it’s been a wonderful time of waiting and resting, spiritually 🙂 A time of not having to wrestle with thoughts, of smiling to myself and not bothering much anymore about being strange, and fundamentally of being more real. Not in a Camp Rock THIS IS ME kind of way, more like learning to breathe. Deeply.

Not that I haven’t been struggling with the same things which ate at me a couple of months ago, not that I haven’t had my terrible moments and dark thoughts. But God’s been beautifully faithful for the past 5 months and He doesn’t change. And how lovely to know that this joy is but a glimpse 🙂 And we, but a breath in our nostrils.

So take heart! And not because I say so but because God does, in john 16:33.
And take care. Don’t think I’ll be posting up here for a while or maybe ever because I feel like this place has served its purpose and it’s time to stop.

Haha whatever happens will happen. This is so silly 😀


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