love must never hold, never hold tight but let go

There’s always that fear of falling into using God as a blanket/comforter and simply a means of filling up our own desperate needs. But an aversion to a mentality like that can lead to something even more dangerous: the belief that we do not, with all our heart and soul and mind, need God in us to make us whole. It’s like telling God, “Hey God, look, I’m better than all those teddy bear Christians, I’m tougher and more truly Christlike so yeah, bring on the real stuff okay? None of this lovey-love mush for me.” But the heart of our relationship with Christ is that He first loved us, we first needed Him before anyone else needed us; and there is absolutely no such thing as being above needing God! In fact, if we do not plead to have the gaping holes in us filled with the boundless love of God, we are going to find ourselves stuffing  it with whatever else we can find: Pride/self-satisfaction, superiority, lousy human “love” (which is simply a deep craving to be loved much like the first party’s).. you know the drill.


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