I recently walked by a shoe shop which proclaimed very loudly in bold font outside their store:

“Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.”

Honestly… my heart went /: /: /: as much as a heart can do that. To be clear, I’m not disgusted nor angry. I don’t have anything at all against people who say that shoes make them happy and I will not bother to claim or think that I am in any way above superficiality. I also suspect I’m being an idiot because yes I know, it’s supposed to be tongue in cheek and etc. But there is something about this which is greatly saddening. Perhaps the fact that thousands of people will walk by it each day, a fraction of whom will see it and feel amazing and witty and be emboldened to chase after superficiality and be proud of it – and all because some company wanted to make more money. I guess to each his/her own and I need to mind my own business.. but well. For lack of words altogether, /:


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