firm through the fiercest drought and storm

What fears are stilled when strivings cease 🙂

I realised a while ago how painfully long it had been since I spent truly “quiet” time with God, not pressing for some answer or harrowed-ly praying over some person or situation. Which would explain the burning out and the weariness I suppose. But God is faithful and he knows my needs so much better than I do, meets them so much more adequately than I try to. He is more than enough; there is no room for discontentment in a God-filled life 🙂

Plus more TOK rambling, haha. “We see and understand things not as they are but as we are, discuss in 1600 words“. Our view of God is bound so strictly and inescapably by who we are. It is to stumble upon a very foreign thought-region to realize that God has always existed outside of and way beyond us humans; he does not exist because of us, for us, like us.. I’ve been wondering recently why I find it so hard to be as awed by God’s hugeness and vastness as I know I should be, and it comes down to this self-centered mindset that I have. Of course if I water down God to be like man, or even for man, the notion of Him will fall painfully short: man is after all suitably unimpressive.


One thought on “firm through the fiercest drought and storm

  1. “Man is afterall suitably unimpressive”… that is so true 🙂

    Take care dearest! I will always uh try to make you laugh when you need to although I know the problem you were talking about goes deeper than that…one day when you’re free we could talk about it! Love you.

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