tok has its uses

But when opposition becomes the overwhelming avenue of inquiry, when the lust for opposition exalts extreme views and obscures complexity, when our eagerness to find weaknesses blinds us to strengths, when the atmosphere of animosity precludes respect and poisons our relations with one another, then the culture of critique is stifling us. If we could move beyond it, we would move closer to the truth. – Deborah Tannen.

1600 words to try and move an inch closer to the truth. We’ve been thinking for a couple of a thousand years now, how come I still find myself supposing that there is such a thing as original thought?

In the past few hours of reading my $50 ToK textbook I’ve come to the sad conclusion that reason trumps emotion. Honestly, there isn’t such a thing as laying down logic or rationality for the sake of empathy or understanding – you still make a conscious, logical choice to override the default system of rationality because it makes life easier, or because you’re tired, or whatever it is, but always because of a reason. We’re STUCK, because if you wanted a lack of reason you wouldn’t be asking these questions and expecting valid answers in the first place. How depressing. Or is it? Agh.


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