You know the kid’s song: My hat it has three corners, three corners has my hat. And had it not three corners, it would not be my hat? It suddenly occurred to me that it displayed proof by contrapositive. Cool huh.

Anyway I guess it’s time to walk the talk yesterday was messed up.

The end we seek is usually wrong: trying in vain to convince somehow that results don’t reflect ability (therefore leaving the gloomy but not-totally-hopeless conclusion that all I have to do is work harder to be drawn). This is kind of the same situation as in this post: what if, one day, you fail despite having committed your best effort? Unfortunately or not, that doesn’t usually happen because it’s always possible to claim somewhere that you “could’ve done more” although it might not be true. Anyway. What I really want to swallow is this: being contented and joyful even if I’m doomed to be dumb (this is different from convoluted and self-pitying criticism). Give thanks in all circumstances. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yesterday was just making excuse after excuse and being humiliated over and over (horrible).

Am awfully grateful to be surrounded by amazing people though 🙂 12 hours of sleep helped too, heh.


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