These thoughts: My bible knowledge is so shaky/My convictions are faulty/I keep praying for the “wrong” things/I barely know how to answer questions

YET, God still answers prayers and reveals Himself. That hit me really hard I guess, because subconsciously I feel very pressured to be right, to be 100% accurate in front of other people. Clearly that doesn’t happen, so I get anxious and fretful and feel like giving up altogether: I’m not good enough? I think when I say I’m not good enough I simply mean I pride myself on being good enough and don’t want to fail and have that notion shattered for real. But surely God doesn’t only answer/hear when I’m right, living totally purely, and perfected in my faith, because if that were the case I’d never have gotten anywhere! Far from being excuse to stop pressing/asking though, it’s a wonderful display of mercy (:


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