defrost: heart

The minute being wretched becomes a source of despair, the essence of wretchedness has either been lost or was never there to begin with?

I have been very silly lately, repeating old mistakes and making conflict out of nothing. But the Lord has been so faithful and so gracious 🙂 I got my earthquake all right.

Also I was thinking about it and I disagree with what I said previously – perspective is not meaningless! Quite the contrary, it is everything. BUT a pool of “good” and “right” perspectives is not something we should be forcefully applying into every situation as if what we perceived were in itself important. Because much like in the real-life version of the perspective metaphor, what you see is only as useful insofar as it manages to tell you WHERE you are. So if you know you’re looking at life from the wrong perspective, the useful conclusion to reach should be that you are at the wrong place and hence seeing the wrong thing, and not that you are seeing the wrong thing and hence need to pep-talk yourself into seeing the right thing. I guess this is where I slip up a lot, always lamenting and despairing instead of brushing off dirt and actually moving.


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