I’m such an idiot, such a wretched wretched fool and I realized this today at mcdonalds of all places, and oh gosh time to wake up I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months plus plus plus I am dangerously close to falling, and blindly

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

Emotions are a wreck again but Lord please please take them and I don’t know just do something with them.. I give up I’m exhasted and I don’t know what’s right anymore. Well. at least this time I don’t want to die (because I don’t think I’ve lived). Sigh, you silly dramatic tendencies.

Actually this is an answered prayer – I prayed for brokenness yesterday. Or day before? No point berating myself as if it’s of any use I guess. Anyway here i am, filthy as ever. God please, please don’t leave me


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