I was worrying recently about whether my “reaching out to people” being motivated by wanting to share Christ with them meant that my relationships were to some extent .. insincere? Somewhat like having an ulterior motive. But that worry reveals an (unwarranted) perceived incongruity between loving people and sharing Christ, I realized. Because to love people means to share God with them, and to share God with people is to love them! I thus conclude they are equivalent 😀 hehe.


2 thoughts on “hmm

  1. o ya hor!! O:

    hmm but recently i’ve also realised that there are some situations in which if we choose to “love” the person “just for the sake of loving them”, it’s sometimes better that we don’t immediately bring God into the picture/thump them on the head with a Bibie. this isn’t a v good example but one instance i realise i have to think differently is that if my friend is sick & i pray for him just as a form of love, i don’t have to follow it up with preaching or this great compulsion for them to acknowledge God because i’m not doing things for the motive of “preaching God” but “to love them and meet their need”, in a sense.

    there are better examples though i know it’s a bit fuzzy!

    • haha yes of course! to share God is to share God’s love – well God IS love. and i guess the idea is that the nature of that love is so different from what we experience on earth that it should be difficult not to strike the recipient of the love as something utterly radical – which would lead them to question why we have it and where it comes from 🙂

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