love is all you need!

Hehe that was ringing through my head the whole day (the Beatles song). Then it occurred to me that God is love, so God is all we need 😀

I love it when studying feverishly makes me regard what I am studying in its purest form and I end up enjoying it in a measure beyond what I previously thought possible 🙂 As compared to my usual habit of lumping what I think of subject A together with how I am taught subject A and with whom I am taught subject A and how much homework subject A is giving me.

OR Maybe this is just willful self-delusion, so I can comfort myself with it’s the journey that counts when I receive results which naturally don’t meet unrealistic standards. Haha speaking of cheesy cliches.. sometimes I feel so sorry for them! They get all trodden on and eyerolled at when all they did was exist and be (too) true. Though I think cliche is not the right word since it comes from clicher (i.e. stereotype. Ahh which reminds me my french is starting to fail me).

Anyway enough flitting and back to the original intention of this post: All my love to you if you have exams next week! Rejoice in the Lord always & look forward to this period of time as an excellent opportunity to show His love 🙂 And I realise this might sound a bit freaky but if you’d like prayer for specific things and don’t really know who to ask please feel free email/sms me, I’ll be glad to pray for/with you!


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