hot air rises

Have been incredibly listless and unmotivated lately, and I’m not sure it’s any better than being high-strung and anxious.

Why’s it so hard to find middle ground?? And why do we seem like such extremists. Somehow, being in the middle tends to get misconstrued as being unwilling to take a stand or as a cop-out. Sure, that can be true but it’s definitely not always the case! Sometimes a question has to be answered both yes and no in equal weight because that is the correct response. We are nevertheless taught to think of balance (supporting two ends equally) as somewhat equivalent to neutrality (supporting neither end). Soooo the former is frowned upon and deemed undesirable because we must !!! have a stand.. implying that one must necessarily have a bias in order to have a stand. And the stronger the bias, the stronger the stand… etc etc etc. Or maybe I am just rationalizing my laziness and/or inability to choose a side of the fence.

This is my sluggish brain at 1 am and why I am a morning person 😦


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