here i am waiting

To be honest, it’s been a messed-up week. Mostly because I’m still struggling daily with this particular issue in my life and it’s contaminating everything grrrr and one night (can’t remember which) I collapsed onto the floor and clutched the guitar and stared at my feet.. And I suddenly thought of that song they played over the speakers, On Eagles’ Wings, and only managed two lines of the chorus because I couldn’t remember the rest and ended up even more frustrated than when I started.

Grace.. God’s grace, ahh. After today’s sermon during response they played On Eagles’ Wings (including the verse, naturally :)) and you can tell me, or I could argue that it’s a coincidence but that’s hardly the issue. What was lovely was that after a pretty long period of dryness God touched me with that song 🙂 So nope these issues are not all magically resolved but day by day I’m going to play my part to seek His face. Which, if you think about it, always comes down to things (prayer, meditate on word. prayer, meditate on word) that I’ve been taught since birth, practically. And it’s taken me nearly two decades to grasp that D:


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