things fall apart

Yessss, today everything kind of fell apart. Which disillusioned me greatly because I have a habit of .. well, something in between daydreaming and having foresight? I map out things and predict how things will be and how exactly situations will work out and let that influence how I behave and react. Which is stupid because it undermines the one thing I want to keep true in my life – God’s sovereignty. Anyway so while I was conjecturing grand endings and etc. and whatever nonsense I got slapped with reality and am still getting slapped, and wish to continue being slapped.

Pathways, neurological pathways. Sigh.

An uncharacteristically spontaneous bus ride to my favourite place in the world made everything better, though 🙂 Is it very bad to kind-of-artificially construct strong emotional attachments to certains places/foods/songs/items? I.e. be sentimental. Because that’s something else I do all the time. Gah sleep.


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