how we roll?

What’s with inspirational analogies? The glass of water is half full. The glass of water is half empty. DUH. That doesn’t change the fact that it is a very inadequate glass of water as compared to a fully full/non-empty glass – the analogy has no meaning. A shift in perspective is just a shift in perspective. It’s inconsequential and sounds nicer and maybe gives you some endorphinz to last you until your next trough but hey, that’s all. Seeing a glass as half full doesn’t make it any fuller, is what I’m saying.

And the thorned rose – You can see it either a tragedy (beautiful rose marred by thorns) or a miracle (something like thorns should have such a sweet rose) – WHAT? This makes even less sense. Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry I’m being a #(*(HF#. I’m an idiot. I’m being all pompous and fake intellectual. That’s bad. Bad. Slap. Ignore.

What I really wanted to say: I need to differentiate between human-inspired positive perspective crap and God-inspired positive REALITY. “Things will get better 🙂 <3” is such an easy thing to say but seriously HOW do you know? If someone had told Job at any point in time that things were going to get better, they’d have been terribly mistaken because things got much worse. It’s hardly in our power to predict the future. It’s hardly right to lie about it, too. Hmm. What is the Christian take on suffering? My lack of knowledge means I can’t really say anything with any certainty whoops.

I think this is what makes Christianity so radical/misunderstood: the question is never, was never, ever “Servant, are you full enough?” You know: How’s your progress? Are you 90% good yet? What’s the threshold for acceptability? Your holiness distribution – you’re just within range. My humble opinion is that God asks us quite the opposite: “Child, are you empty enough?” Do you have enough space for Me to fill you? Are you broken, beaten down, valueless? Are you drained so I can pour my Holy Spirit on you and let it overflow?

One day I want to be able to answer: I am, Lord.

Ah sigh.


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